MERCUR@RT is a place for cultural exchange in fine arts, publishing, art books, cultural tourism, personal development and conviviality.

MERCUR@RT is also somewhere to develop technological projects focussing on aesthetic and ethical values through their altruistic endeavours.

MERCUR@RT is located in the Ardèche region of France, 35 kms from the site of the “Chauvet Cave” with its cave paintings. All the artists and authors participating in the project work and practice within this area.

The essence of MERCUR@RT to bring international attention to the work of its artists and authors expresses a strong symbolic dimension. 


This site is currently under construction, please bear with us for the English version. At the moment you can discover the following artists' pages : Alain Signori ; Jean-Claude Millet ; Signori / Millet Josiane Poquet ; Werner Reinisch ; Dalva Duarte.