A high quality contemporary art exhibition with paintings and sculptures of about 12 artists.


The creations of the artists are presented in 170 square meters space including :

  • By entering, an area reserved to Werner Reinisch which we are fortunate to hold an emblematic work realized between 1976 and 1990. HORSE NATION is a painting on canvas of 2 meters by 3 meters 40.
  • In the second area of the same space are presented :
  •  The dry pastels of Marlène Brun  and, in particular, the creation which allowed her to become a member of the ‘Société des pastellistes de France’ wherefore she was placed third on about 200 candidates.
  • The gouaches of Josiane Poquet, a former resident at the Villa Vélasquez in Madrid, of which we hold large sizes.
  • Some steel sculptures signed by Signori and Millet.
  • Sculptures in painted wood, in steel and bronze signed by Séverin Millet.   
  • Sandstone sculptures of Martine Diersé.
  • A space of 45 m2 on the mezzanine floor, where are presented creations of Alain Signori, scrap, drawings, acrylic paints and some steel sculptures signed by Signori-Millet.

At the office, you may admire some sculptural assemblies made by Alain Bachelet, some oil pastels of Yves Blacher and 2 creations of Jean-Marc Chamard.