" If you want to know what’s really going on in a society or ideology, follow the money. If money is flowing to advertising instead of musicians, journalists, and artists, then a society is more concerned with manipulation than truth or beauty."

In You Are Not A Gadget: A Manifesto » from Jaron Lanier
Mercurart sees itself as a member of the collective subject and its funding goes towards artists and beauty.
Mercurart is both innovative and pragmatic, focusing on local designers, visual artists, writers and poets.
Mercurart is aware of the symbolic dimension of this local action initiated by our ancestors at the cave of the Arc bridge 36,000 years ago.
Mercurart does so in the name of the irreplaceable character of culture for men for Man.

The gallery is located in Mercuer, a village which is named to the god Mercury, who was honoured in this place by the Romans. For the same reason the creek on which the altar was installed is called the Mercoire. A Roman road hiking trail passes on the limit of the rose garden and the sculptures. A sarcophagus still is on its probable place of extraction, located a few hundreds of meters in the woods. This explains the choice to name the gallery Mercurart.



voie romaine.jpg la voie romaine en lisière du jardin