Alain BACHELET enters early in the active working life with a CAP precision optician diploma. After he gets a job as editor adjuster in optics, then teaching in general mechanics, then teacher in maintenance of automated mechanical systems, and end as manager in college.

 Has always been attracted to beautiful utilitarian objects (those of the 50s and 60s have his preference), which he collect aimlessly over the years.

 His retirement gives him time to get back into his treasures, and he decides to give them a second life. In turning them away from their original function and by assembling according to his fantasy, he builds fixtures and sculptures that makes dream or that disturb but leaves indifferent any.

His professional background makes us understand the care with which he finish his creations.


Le crime de l'Orient Express
I Douche
Guerre froide
Ex voto
L'homme qui parlait aux chevaux