From painting to steel

Alain Signori’s drawings of heads on the covers of old books are very powerful and a genuine work of art by their very number.

These drawings inspired Jean-Claude Millet with two ambitions.

The first: to put words to the lines, giving one or several insights each injected with culture and personal sensitivity.

The second: to give the line volume and also density, thus embracing the challenge of combining drawing and metal.

In either case, the poems or the sculptures are the result of a « tête ­à­ tête », which according to the definition in Larousse, is: « the result of a discussion between two people who find themselves alone together ».

In order to illustrate this exchange of ideas and shapes, the sculptures are always exhibited with a reproduction of the drawing on the cover of an old book, very similar to the original, with the corresponding poem printed on the other side.


Ecce Homo !
Sans titre

Low relief

Le dessin assassin
Le trait assassin

Art books

Tête à tête suite 2015
Voyage en Signorie
Tête à tête


Voyage en Signorie
Tête à tête