From drawings to steel…

The face drawings on old book covers by Alain Signori has very strong identities, real pieces of artworks…

Following those drawings, Jean-Claude Millet had two ideas of cooperation with Alain Signori:
The first: put words on the lines giving each time one or more lightning’s, powered by a culture and a personal sensitivity.

The second: give volume to the lines, but also density ; responding to the appeal conjugate of the drawing and the metal.

In the both cases (poems and sculptures) it's the product of a “Face to face” which means, according to the definition of the Larousse: 'in the result of a conversation between two persons who are alone. "

To bear witness to this exchange concerning the ideas and forms, the sculptures are always accompanied by a reproduction of a drawing (on the cover of an old book) very close to the original with on its back, the corresponding poem.


Ecce Homo !
Communication of the senses
Another one who wants to take others' ideas

Low relief

Le dessin assassin
Le trait assassin

Art books

Tête à tête suite 2015
Voyage en Signorie
Tête à tête


Voyage en Signorie
Tête à tête