Jean-Claude Joseph MILLET

Jean-Claude Joseph MILLET

Jean-Claude MILLET paints since the age of 16. It's in the early 80s, when he created a success technology story, the IMAJE company, he found his “ artist-style ” and created a series of around 40 paintings. They are presented in the book, "from birth to birth".

Digigraphies of some of these paintings are available in limited series of 25 pieces on this website and at the gallery.

The creation of the gallery Mercurart, was an opportunity for him to new meetings, alowing to express himself through sculpture, land art, and poetry. This is particularly the case with Alain Signori. Following this collaboration they already created two books: "Tête à tête" and "Voyage en Signorie", and a series of sculptures, inside as well as outside.

Mixed techniques

Le parent nourricier et le parent normatif
Nature bientôt morte
Pierre et Jean


La soumission
Lettre de Henry Millet à Anaïs Nin
La religion de la consommation


La dépendance de l'autre
Du génotype au phénotype
La mort de Georges Brassens



Art books

Tête à tête