Josiane POQUET

Josiane POQUET

Josiane devoted her life to painting. After attending the Academy Goetz and the Julian Academy in Paris, she had the chance to spend two years in residence at the Casa Velázquez in Madrid (1980-82). She lives in the Ardèche since more than 30 years. She paints from nature, whether interiors or exteriors. Her science of composition allows to extract places she contemplates. Her delicacy way of working, gives paintings that swing between abstraction, figuration and expressionism.
She has been honored the second prize of drawing Pierre David-Weill in 1972 and in 1993 a DELMAS prize, awarded by the Institute of France. In 2004 she received the prize of the Ferthe Foundation (under the aegis of the Foundation of France).


La faysse verdit au printemps
Collection Éloge des oiseaux
la clède

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