Josiane POQUET

Josiane POQUET

Josiane has devoted her life to painting. She attended the Académie Goetz and the Académie Jullian in Paris, before having the opportunity of spending two years at the Casa Vélasquez in Madrid (1980-82). She has lived in the Ardèche region for over 30 years. She paints from life and nature, both inside and out. Her art of composition enables her to reveal the subject of the places she contemplates. The delicacy with which she then refines the subject, produces works that traverse abstract, figurative and expressionist art.

She was honoured with second prize in the Pierre David Weill awards in 1972 and with the DELMAS award in 1993, both given by the “Institut de France”. In 2004, she received the prize of the Ferthe foundation (under the aegis of the Foundation of France).


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Paysage d'Ardèche

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