Séverin MILLET

Séverin  MILLET

Séverin Millet is a french Illustrator and artist, living in Lyon.
Born in Valence in 1977, he graduated from the higher school of  Decorative Arts in Strasbourg.

He began working in 2004 as an illustrator for the newspaper Le Monde, today, he realized more than 800 drawings for this newspaper.

Numerous publishing houses (Act South, Albin Michel, Gallimard...), orders his book illustrations, especially for the realization of novel covers; what he particularly likes.

Since the book illustrations for "Drôles de Zebres" in 2006, he regularly produces illustrations for children’s publishers  (Blowgun, the threshold, Memo). Several of them have been translated into Dutch, English, German, but also Korean and Chinese.


In 2017, two large sculptures have been installed in the gardens of the Mercurart Gallery named ‘Les Témoins.

Beside these works on command, Séverin Millet has always kept time for personal work to explore new modes of expression. His notebooks, his serigraphs, sculptures are the result of this ongoing process.


Ink Drawing
Ink Drawing


Drôles de Zèbres
Coups de Cœur


Sculptures en bronze
Les Témoins
Les Composites


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Print 2
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